Welcome to Apollo Studios

Learn about Apollo Studios Bulwell Gallery which is home to artist in residence Phil Hearn. Situated on the grounds of his home, Apollo Studios is a converted garage and outbuilding which runs both as a working studio as well as a public exhibition space.


Apollo Studios host regular exhibitions in the main gallery space, showcasing the work of local ‘hidden’ artists. The relaxed space is a charming alternative to traditional museums and commercial galleries and aims to encourage new artists to step forward and exhibit their work. Phil is constantly on the lookout for emerging talent and artists that are hidden away, unsure of how or where to share their art. Click here – You Tube – to view the gallery during one of Phil’s exhibitions..


As well as the gallery space, Apollo Studios is home to Phil’s working artist studio. Phil spends time most days painting and enjoys sharing his skills with others, running painting workshops and masterclasses. Whether you’re just starting out or fancy brushing up on a few new skills, get in touch to find out more.

The studio space is jam packed full, from floor to ceiling, with Phil’s artwork and is a great place to visit. All artwork displayed is for sale. Commissions are also welcome. Viewing is by appointment only, if you’d like to have a look around and chat about art, get in touch.

O U R   P U R P O S E

The purpose of Apollo Studios, is to provide educational opportunities between the general public and the community of artists and to offer sustained support for the artist, provide studio space and exhibition space to working artists and craftspeople, provide an area for group work sessions for those artists and craftspeople to jointly offer their ideas, and enthusiasm to each other.

O U R   G O A L S

1. To present public exhibitions
2. To provide educational opportunities
3. To provide accessible equipment for artists
4. To provide feedback through art association and other artists and craftspeople.

O U R   O B J E C T I V E S

1. To present 4 art exhibitions per year
2. To maintain equipment for artists in a safe working environment
3. To provide better access to artists for the public
4. To offer regularly scheduled adult and children’s classes
5. To develop and maintain public activities with all sectors of the community.

Y O U R   V I E W S

A hidden gem. It’s clear to see that Phil has put his heart and soul into creating something magical for local artists. I’m excited to see how Apollo Studios grows in 2018.

April TowriessCrochet designer and tutor

Phil is a very talented artist with such a breadth of knowledge.

Mr WelshHucknall

Apollo Studios is fabulous and unique. I was pleasantly surprised and wasn’t expecting to see such a professional arts gallery on my doorstep. What an exciting and original idea, well done Phil.

Mr and Mrs Allen JohnsonBulwell

Phil Hearn has done a great thing for the community.

Carol HurstBulwell

Such a fantastic gallery, beautiful work and displayed brilliantly. Good Luck

Caralie SunderlandBulwell

Impressive gallery with excellent work and displayed in a way that benefits the work. I look forward to exhibiting.

Paul SunderlandLocal Artist, Bulwell

Well impressed with Phil’s working gallery, hope it all goes well Phil.

Mr & Mrs Brooksunknown

Very impressive work, beautiful paintings

Mr & Mrs TaylorUnknown

Interesting artwork


Well impressed, nice friendly man

Mr BettridgeUnknown

Wonderful gallery and amazing pictures.  I bought “the beach huts” cannot wait to pick it up after the exhibition. Thank you Phil

Helen DackmanBulwell

Thank you for a lovely gallery, Wonderful, we can’t wait to see more.

Nicola Curson & Louie Aged 5Bulwell

Truly a “hidden” delight, thanks for the personal tour.

Mr John Harttshorne Bulwell Councillor Nottingham

It was a pleasure to view your artwork, great gallery lovely paintings. Shocked.


Lovely looking at all the pictures and a lovely garden

Unknown VisitorUnknown

Brilliant gallery, wonderful pictures, a real pleasure. We bought “Magnificent” what a beautiful painting. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs AllenWatnall

What a wonderful little find on the doorstep, a fabulous mix of art…something for everyone. Thank You

Andrea & Neal Bulwell

Great Art! What a talented local artist, gallery well worth a visit. 21/5/17

Joy RiceLocal Bulwell Poet

Brilliant work, real talent.

B HendersonUnknown

Brilliant. 21/5/17

ShirleyHighbury Vale

Nice work from a Bulwell artist, nice to see there’s other artists out there. Don’t be hidden, shine more.

Heather Morgana RiceUnknown

Great artwork, fabulous space. Thank you for sharing.


Super, Lovely, Wonderful.


Thank you for your lovely welcome and introduction to the exhibition, there is lots of wonderful inspiring work.

NicolaNottingham Focus on Wellbeing, Bilborough

Just passed by and saw the sign, glad we called in, lovely paintings, photo’s and craftwork. Enjoyed the visit. 19/7/17

Linda & JoyceBulwell

Thank you for the lovely display of my bags and the opportunity. Fantastic.

Wendy Soo-mawstonBulwell artist - cute little bags

Very enjoyable visit.

E. ScottUnknown

What a surprise to see such a wonderful space in someones home, the gallery is great.

A happy Hempshill Vale ResidentBulwell

Different, Innovative, Special. 7 October 2017

Nottingham Lord Mayor, Michael Edwards and Lady Mayoress Nottingham City

Beautiful artwork, the gallery looks fabulous!

Linda MooreUnknown

What an amazing show, very professional and an awesome way to showcase existing and talented artists. Phil you are an absolute star.

Lee BridgmanLocal artist

I feel that what Phil is doing and the Hidden Artist concept needs recognition. The pleasure they get from the creative process needs to be shared with everyone….Good Luck.

Paul FinchUnknown

Astonishing!! Oct 17


What an outstanding job Phil has done, he and his lovely wife Helen make you feel so very welcome, it’s been a real pleasure meeting them. Phil himself is very helpful.

E. HatherUnknown

What a little gem! I could have bought the whole lot.  A brilliant way to recognise the “Hidden Artists” talent that so many people have.


Very professional studio, great hospitality from Phil.  Informal, relaxed, amazing nwork from all the artists, especially like Phil’s work and the different styles.  Great to show work/share work of local artists, also like Lee Bridgman’s “fractured vision” artwork.  I also bought some of Phil’s stone art. Phil has inspired me to be more creative

Rachael Watchorn"Mosaic artist" Les creations colorers de Rachael

What a interesting Gallery, fabulous artwork, recommend to anyone.

Arthur Robinson

I was very surprised at the overall professional studio setup.  Many artists on display with a true artistic flare, very enjoyable experience.  Phil Hearn has done a cracking job of setting it all up.

Francis McHale

Brilliant community gallery, accessible, friendly welcome.  Great to see artists with different gifts supported locally. Thank You.

Helen Blackmen

The Launch of Apollo Studios

Hi, I’m Phil the driving force (along with my wife Helen) behind Apollo Studios. I never imagined that I would be the curator of my own art gallery. When I started painting back in 2014 it was simply a hobby. I enjoyed the challenge of turning a blank canvas into a work of art. Art, since then, has changed everything and it has immensely improved the quality of my life. Read about my story here. 

Apollo Studios was founded in May 2016 with the aim to encourage artists, similar to myself, to showcase their talents.

It wasn’t long before I realised that there were so many other artists out there, like me, who painted from home as a form of therapy or escapism. This is where the idea of the ‘hidden artist’ evolved.

Next Arts Exhibition opens for Nine days – 25th May to 02 June 2019 – Come and admire the artwork of some new and established artists, not only is it a nice day out but you help to support your local artists in Nottingham and Bulwell. Your support means a lot to us.


Art and its Calming Influence

Since I started painting, I have noticed that art has helped me to forget about my aches and pains. I suffer with Spondylosis and Silly Leg Syndrome, which consume me daily. Dealing with these excruciating pains and the stress and discomfort that come along with it are somehow numbed when I paint. I am able to get totally lost in my artwork. My mood is lifted and I am able to refocus.

As part of my artist journey, I have worked alongside people with social, anxiety and mental health issues. Art, for us all, has had a calming influence and has given an enriched quality of life and wellbeing.

My ambition for Apollo Studios is to create an inclusive space for people to come, feel inspired and find a sense of purpose, whether whilst taking part in one of my workshops or during a visit to one of my exhibitions. Art should be about exploration, finding a medium that promotes comfort, excitement and belonging.

P A S T   E V E N T S