A Little Bit About Me

Hello, I am Phil Hearn, I was born in Canada in 1957, and I have lived in England since I was eight years old.   Following my school days I worked and trained as a civil engineer and Builder, I retired 31 January 2017 following a career that lasted 43-years.

Art by Phil Hearn

When did I start Painting

I have always been interested in art from an early age, however, not really understanding the importance of art in society, I just loved drawing.   It wasn’t until 2014 that I really started painting seriously for the first time since my schooldays, I confess to be self-taught and as an Artist I work hard to develop and hopefully allow my art to reach out to everyone’s taste. 

Me and my painting

I began painting with Watercolours than Acrylics, however, my preferred medium is oils, painting not only on canvas but on all different types of materials and I have been pleased with some of the results, when I paint I strive to maintain realism, feeling, depth, movement and colour.   I have not developed my own style as just yet and I don’t think that I ever will, because I just love painting what I want to paint, so, unless I have a reference along with my paintings then you would not recognize a painting as being one of mine.   ‘so what kind of painter are you?’ as I do not want to pigeonhole myself as an artist, however, you have to present yourself and your art in a concise manner, which kind of means you are going to have to associate yourself with a specific niche or genre of visual art.  My paintings consist of Wildlife, Landscapes, Maritime, Seascapes, Looner/space, Portraits, Pet portraits and some abstract artwork, so, maybe I have found my niche.  I also like to capture beauty and colour, painting in different types of medium allows me to express different ideas.

My Goal

My goal is to both support new and hidden artists no matter of age, giving these artists an opportunity to showcase their talents and artwork for the first time by exhibiting in my home gallery, which is opened to the public twice a year, I want the build the confidence and bring a better quality of life into artists who are lacking in these areas.  If you know of someone who meets this criteria then contact me, because, I am always looking for new and fresh Artists and to help them develop in the art world.

My Aspirations

I have a passion in bring art to the community, helping anyone who wants to release their artistic side and be creative, I want to paint beautiful paintings helping new artists develop their talents and help find their unique style of art.   Commissioned work, if you have a favourite photograph of a family member, a family pet, maybe a memory of that holiday you went on, a place, a specific scenery, then contact me and I will paint a unique piece of art for you.

Art and it’s calming Influence

I have come to realise that painting has always been my alternative to therapy, art has the ability to relieve Stress, anxiety, and it has even been proven to help with mental health issues giving back a better quality of life, feel more at ease and giving them a sense of purpose and well being, it has definitely helped me with my health issues, suffering with spinal problems for ten years, dealing with constant pains due to Spondylosis which is a deterioration on the bones, I have undergone two major operations on the cervical spine (Neck) having one vertebrae totally replaced and I am still undergoing treatment to further prevent trapped nerves, so, believe me art has the ability to help you relax and forget about life’s stressful situations.