I am searching for New and Hidden Artists who wish to exhibit artwork for the first time, so, this is a call out to all artists who create their art at home, hidden away and now have a large collection of artwork and now have this desire and want to exhibiting but don’t know what do do next, well this is where we come in.  If you meet any of the criteria below then contact me and subscribe.  Apollo Studios is the place where you can develop as an artist, where you can gain that much needed confidence by going out and approaching larger and more mainstream galleries, where you can meet people, other artists, forging new friendships, Apollo Studios is where you can develop and gain new skills and techniques or just a place where to come and paint.  SO IF YOU:

  • Paint from home.
  • Create all types of Craft Work
  • Lack confidence and suffer with anxiety social issues.
  • Have a desire to share your work and find that this is time to start exhibiting your artwork.
  • You don’t know where to turn or who can help you start to develop and showcase your talents and artwork.

Art by Phil Hearn and Apollo Studios is where you can get that help if you need it,  contact me if you need that jump start and want to exhibit your work in the Gallery of Apollo Studios.

Remember we are here to help you!!