Art can be difficult

Art can be difficult to sell especially when your only means of showcasing and selling your artwork is from your home, so, what do you have to do to combat this problem?  well, setting up your own website is a good start and one of the best ways to circulate and showcase your artwork,  attracting new customers in the hope that they see something they like and hands over cash!! however, it can be hard work maintaining a websites, making sure that the content is interesting enough to make people want to stay and browse your site, making sure the content draws people in, making your images stand out by ensuring that they are to a high standard.  Another way of showcasing your artwork is through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and local selling sites, and then the most popular way is by exhibiting your art in a established Gallery  Art isn’t for everyone and the majority of buyers will be (of course) art lovers and people who have a appreciation for art, then there is people who are looking to buy some art to go with their new home decor, and of course those who are looking for that unique Birthday or Christmas present.  Whatever method you use art still is difficult to sell, so, be patient, persevere, never lose confidence and alway keep the faith.  Art is magical.  Thank You. Phil