Volunteer Work Community Commitment

Volunteer Work Community Commitment,  I apologise to all my Subscribers and art lovers visiting my site.  I have neglected you by not concentrating enough time on my website, however, it was for good reason, I have been very busy giving up my free time as a volunteer for the Nottingham Bulwell Arts Festival which ran for eight day during July 2018,  now you must be saying that eight days should not have kept me away for so long, well, its the long term preparation that took up my time, starting months before hand, bring ideas together, setting up meetings, building various structures to accommodate, exhibitions, workshops and all types of art and cultural event items.

I have been a volunteer your the Bulwell Arts Festival for three years now and I wanted to show my appreciation by helping  the organisation bring arts and culture into Bulwell, involving the residents of Bulwell to hopefully give them a sense of value and purpose.  So, now that the festival is over, I am going to give you all my undivided attention by being more active, bringing you new art, new ideas and new technics.

Press on the Bulwell Arts Festival’s Facebook link to see more.  Thank You. Phil