Everything you need to know about your account & profile

Use your own personal art blog to display your artwork online without any technical knowledge

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Edit Profile

  1. Once you’ve registered you may have to wait until your profile and name is added to the website (this usually takes 1 hour).
  2. Login to your profile account and create your profile (you will have to sign up to gravatar to add a profile photo).
  3. You can edit your details/change your password


  1. View your posts/create a new post

Create a post

  1. Add a new post title
  2. Select a featured image (this will be displayed on your blog feed as a intro image)
  3. Choose your category (always choose your name as this will make sure that your blogs are assigned to the correct feed)
  4. Use the content area to add images and content – you can upload different image sizes and change the standard image size after uploading by clicking the image and then the edit pencil
  5. Click submit (your blog post will show as pending until admin have checked everything is in line with terms and conditions)

You can view your posts from your dashboard or from the Artist menu dropdown in the main navigation – your name will appear after registration.

If you have any problems with registration or your profile account, please get in touch.